Friend, there is hope & healing on the other side

I believe that the Bible is sufficient to bring help, hope & healing for the difficulties, pain, and suffering in our lives. I want to provide space to discuss & process how you can address those wounds and painful issues we experience everyday. I have experienced the benefits of counseling myself, and I personally understand how difficult it is to navigate those areas. With my extensive training; coupled with my own life experiences I would love to connect with you to offer help & guidance for what ever issues of life you may be facing.


Marriage can be difficult at times, and it takes work. Whether you are entering into, are struggling with or want to see hope & healing for your marriage. Let’s look at what is going on together and learn how to best approach what works for you. I want to help give you the tools to have a loving, thriving, and long lasting marriage.

Emotional Issues

We live in a fallen world that wears you down. It seems like anxiety is a part of the air we breathe. Depression is right there too. The pain and suffering can weigh on us until it’s too much to carry on our own. We were never meant to carry it all alone. I would love to come along beside you to help carry these things together.

Spiritual Growth

In Christ we are sanctified. But, it’s a process. A lifelong process. We won’t be fully whole until heaven but we can find joy along the way. If you feel stunted in your walk with God or would love to get to know Him in a deeper way then let’s discuss how to do that practically. Let me help you take that first step into your God designed identity and experience the joy that awaits for you.

“Suffering is universal – you are not alone in your pain”

–Paul David Tripp


“I saw Michelle regarding some issues I was struggling with. She had such a gentle presence as she lovingly guided me to discover truths for myself. She pointed me to God’s Word & to prayer consistently throughout our sessions. If you or a friend/family member are looking for high-quality counseling, go see Michelle!” – Lauren Bunting

Let’s Start the Journey to Hope & Healing!

Michelle Flores Counseling

ABC Certified Biblical Counselor

Email: michelleflorescounseling@gmail.com